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Rocky Colletti Pizza

The Pizza Pail™, a pail with purpose!

Join the Pizza Party We're raising lots of dough

Pizza..... one of America's favorite fast foods and a perfect fundraising solution for your non-profit group. The Pizza Pail comes in 4 delicious varieties: Cheese, Pepperoni, Supreme and Breakfast.

All pizzas are individually wrapped and packaged in an attractive, reusable pail and priced at $10.00 to $12.00, depending on regional and group preferences. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. As a non-profit group, you can be assured that your fundraiser will be:

  • Easy To Run - Order forms are simple and easy to tally. Product distribution is easy and requires minimum work.
  • Profitable - Group receive an average profit of 40%.
  • Easy To Repeat - People seldom tire of eating pizza, so many groups conduct several fundraisers a year.


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